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Today's Date: Jul 03, 2020
FSIS AssuranceNet:  Let the Credits Roll
It is my pleasure to thank the employees who contributed their time and expertise in the development of AssuranceNet. The collaborative efforts of many shows that this application was designed in a manner that suits the needs of all FSIS OFO employees.
Dr. Kenneth E. Petersen, William C. Smith, and Bryce Quick, whose support of this project was instrumental to its success.
Dan Beseris, Technical Lead
James Borda, Deputy District Manager, Philadelphia
Charles Danner, OFO Program Manager
Don Edwards, OFO Program Manager
Cheryl Hicks, OFO Program Manager
John Kirkpatrick, CIDERS Lead
Steve Lalicker, District Manager, Raleigh
Dorothy LaRusso, OPEER Lead
Tamara Mayberry, Deputy District Manager, Chicago
Michael Mayer, District Analyst, Albany
Eric Penner, Security
Dennis Reisen, Deputy District Manager, Atlanta
Peter Rhee, Intranet Manager
Dawn Sprouls, Deputy District Manager, Des Moines
Lisa Volk, Sr. Staff Officer, Recall Management Staff
Lisa Wigfall, Enterprise Architecture
FSIS' OCIO staff.
USDA's Enterprise Shared Services and National Information Technical Center staff.
Visioning, usability, and user acceptance testing participants.
And last, but not least, our hard-working contracted AssuranceNet team members:
  • Anne Clark, eGovernment Team Lead
  • David Bachus
  • Raiquel Cole
  • Daryl Hewitt
  • Vy Kim
  • Jason Nardozzi
  • Andrew Smalera
  • Sean Smith
  • Erin Stone
Janet Stevens,
Director, Web Services Staff
AssuranceNet Project Manager
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