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Today's Date: Jun 18, 2024
 Login Using your USDA eAuthentication Level 2 Credential
Login to view to the full FSIS AssuranceNet. You will use this web-based tool to enter data and run real-time reports.
Register for an eAuthentication Credential
In order to login, you must have a USDA eAuthentication Level 2 Account. Follow the eAuthentication instructions to obtain your certification.
What is eAuthentication?
An eAuthentication account provides access to a wide range of USDA applications including the FSIS AssuranceNet. Your eAuthentication account consists of a User ID, a password, and your profile.
In addition to obtaining access to the FSIS AssuranceNet your eAuthentication Level 2 Account will also allow you to :
- Login to InsideFSIS for updated employee information
- Access your NFC personal page
- Complete training on the AgLearn system
USDA eAuthentication Employee Credentialing Job Aid
This PDF document provides step by step information on registering for your Level 2 eAuthentication credential. Screen shots and trouble shooting tips are included.
Media Help
To view PDF files you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.

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